All auctions are sold as is and have no guarantee.  If the seeds are from our collections then you can feel confident that they are viable and have been stored properly.  If they are not from our collection we will put contact info in the description of the product.  To see the description just click on any of the pictures or names below.  This page will refresh every 30 seconds.  If an auction is in the last 30 seconds you may want to manually refresh until the auction ends.  Auctions are live and do not bid for you.  The amount you bid will be set as the last bid.
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Welcome to Soak'n Beans Auctions!    Once the auction ends you will have 24 hours to checkout with your item or items via our shop's normal checkout procedure using cash, crypto, cards, or Apple Pay.    Just go to our Auction Seeds section to add your winnings to your cart.    If you want to combine multiple auctions for shipping or payment that are not ending on the same day and want more than 24 hours then please contact us and let us know.
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